Keck Hospital of USC is ranked among the best hospitals in the country in the US News and World Report "Best Hospitals" list Dr. Kezirian is consistently ranked as a top doctor by numerous Top Doctors websites, Healthgrades, Best Doctors in America, and many other organizations and publications.

Dr. Kezirian conducts innovative research and collaborates with companies in a shared commitment to thorough scientific evaluation of new technologies. One example of this was his leading an international trial of the Apnex Medical Hypoglossal Nerve Stimulation (HGNS) system that delivered electrical stimulation to the hypoglossal nerve for treatment of sleep apnea. Because the hypoglossal nerve controls tongue movement, stimulating the nerve can move the tongue forward to open the space for breathing behind the tongue. This research was published in scientific journals and presented at major international scientific conferences. It showed that the system was safe, feasible, and effective in many patients.

The company's device is not approved for use in patients, but a similar device is available in the United States. More information can be found at Upper Airway Stimulation story.